Gotta have a (non-alcoholic) drink with Malcom

Jake had found the guesthouse on AirBnB, a site we rarely use but it gives the odd gems, and Malcom’s was one of them.

The English man had custom fitted the building 15 years ago with a big communal kitchen and a cosy dining area, we were to find out later. Malcom could talk a mile a minute, and as we unpacked our bags and put away our bikes we smiled and shook our heads as he invited us to have a drink with him while he poured a red for himself.

Once we were settled in our three-bed room, with its awesome views of the bay looking out to pure ocean, we got to work in the kitchen. Malcom stood watching us. “So you’re all making something different then?”

“Nope, we’re all working together on the same dish,” I smiled. Jake was preparing the pan and the pasta, while Karl and I were chopping different vegetables before Karl began organising cups of tea for us all.

As we sat in the dining room eating more and more pasta, Malcom sat chatting with us, refilling his wine glass several times and listening to our journey so far.

We were there for a few days, and spent our time playing jenga, watching movies and walking through town to get to the supermarket. We also cleaned our bikes – chains and gears especially. Karl wasn’t going to but when he saw the difference ours made, he delayed his walk to the store to clean his too.

It was a gorgeous town and we had the nicest weather. I say unfortunately, because we prefer to be stuck inside with rain on our rest days and cycling in the nice weather.

It’s only Malcom looking after the guesthouse on his own, so he seems to work non-stop. He sat with us, wine in hand, when we were playing jenga. On the edge of his seat, his hands were holding tight to the wine glass as we each in turn pulled a block out of its safe stack and balanced it on the top.

“Oh this is too much for me!” he chuckled.

I left the boys to the card games and enjoyed some reading on my own. I have been reading the Danielle Paige series Dorothy Must Die, after finishing reading the prequel novellas, and have had trouble “putting them down” at the end of the day, despite them being e-books.

(Half way through the west I finished the third one, realising it wasn’t the last in the series. A fourth book is being printed in 2017, so now I have to wait until then to find out what happens to Amy Gunn, the new girl from Kansas!)

We stayed an extra night because we were enjoying the break, but it doesn’t take much for the need to get back on our bikes.