Mountains ho!

Routine, rhythm and sync…I feel like I have lost it.

After six months riding through Asia, I honestly thought being back on the bike would be like…well don’t make me say it.

But everything is different now.

We have packed bags differently. We have planned differently.

Hell, we are going to eat differently.

One of the biggest differences is the bike itself. Thin tyres make it feel fast.

It is also different because of the handle bars. I can’t believe we didn’t change from the flat bar sooner.

Bags feel lighter. The weather seems calmer.

Things have changed most though with our thoughts.

Mountains are now fully in the agenda. Bring them on.

We know they are out there. After talking to our new friends in team Sarah and Scott in China, we feel like we are more prepared.

Just not physically, after five weeks of souvlaki and dumpling belly.

But still, we attacked the mountains.

Today was huge for what is essentially a second crack at a first day.

We smashed out 92km. On top of that, we did 1083 vertical metres. For non tourers, that is a very sold day for a couple, even without doing so many ks.

At one point on a flat road, we hammered along between 25 and 29 kilometres an hour for about eight clicks.

It was cruising too, nothing too strenuous.

It was over the top for what we expected on Europe day one.

A lot of it has to do with our bikes.

Climbing is easier with the thin tyres and better wheels. They are fast when you can get in an aerodynamic position.

They are a joy to ride.

So bring on the road.

Bring on the challenges. Bring on the hills.

Mountains ho!

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  • April 27, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Sounds like bliss! ?

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