Finding home in Amerakis Square

A cute little boutique hotel in the north of Athens, Hotel Exis is on the corner of Amerakis Square.

I got to know it very well after heading out several times while Jake kept the toilet seat warm.

They spoke enough English in the pharmacy for me to get more electrolytes and ibuprofen, and I may have spent quite a while wandering around the supermarket the first time.

It was like heaven, back to a place where you can get thick yoghurt, cheeses, breads and salamis. Ten different brands of halva, olives of all shapes and sizes, and oily smoked fish. This is a European diet and I love it.

The next stop was a bakery, with its fresh croissants, salty pretzels and sweet treats. There are three around the square, but the other two are more coffee shops where you can buy cheese or spinach-cheese filled pastries, paninis and biscotti along with your choice of caffeine beverage.

There was a wool shop, with beautiful strands of yarn in the window that I can only dream of knitting with, and Joys, which became our favourite place for a really good souvlaki.

All the coffee shops on the outside of the square have tables and chairs where you can order and sit in the square.

The wider neighbourhood has many African residents who speak very good Greek. The bus is easy to catch, with a small ticket booth where you pay €1.40 for a 90 minute ride on any service.

It is three stops to the closest metro, but when we walked back from another metro station we discovered a market that began with fruit and vegetables and turned into underwear and sleepwear, household cleaners, toys and even antique goods. It went the length of several streets and kept going when we had to turn off it.

Our hotel was the cheapest we could find in Athens, yet it had a balcony out to the square and a decent sized bathroom.

The sun rises at about 6-7am and doesn’t set until past 8pm, which gives us plenty of time to wander and peruse without fear of getting caught in the dark.

The weather has been in the high 20s and even a few 31s since we arrived, despite it being less than 12 when we checked in a month ago. We are back to T-shirts and shorts, and plenty of sunscreen once we start to remember to put it on!

2 thoughts on “Finding home in Amerakis Square

  • April 12, 2016 at 7:31 am

    You sound much happier being in Greece!!!

  • April 13, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    Delicious food! It’s like being home…kinda xxx

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